Health is both body and mind, not just mind.

Bodies are built to move, stretch, breathe, extend, challenge and respect. We as humans are not built to be stationary all day every day. We are built to use our limbs. Movement can be done in a multitude of ways, not just running! The most important thing about movement is listening to what our bodies need. Knowing what supports us and what does not support us. Then finding that middle ground.

Running might be one persons exercise of choice, but for another it is hard on the knees, hard on the joints and uncomfortable. For one person running might very well be that enjoyable time of peace, alone time, challenge and feel good factor. For another it may be anything but. For one person exercise might be in group settings like surfing or sea swimming, or in team fitness like rugby, football or hockey. It’s about understanding personal interests and what you enjoy, without enjoyment there is little chance of continuing on and higher chance of quitting early on in the process.

Suffice to say, exercise is personal, so is therapy. Combining both physical movement, and emotional support into ones life can radically help in times of hardship, sadness, grief, heartbreak, low self esteem, job loss, anger, frustration and loneliness to name a few. Emotional support can be reaching out to a friend, organising morning walks in groups and combining physical movement with talking (a powerful combination) organising morning swims at your local beach with other likeminded people who want to do something to challenge themselves, feel good and most of all be part of a community.

Humans have become isolated beings, cutting off from others and wondering why they feel lonely. Humans need to connect to one another, communicate either in the spoken word, or in the unspoken word. Connection brings about joy, it brings about a feeling of inclusion. Group activities work because of physical movement, emotional connection, problem solving and a coming together of like-mindedness.

3 pillars to health to try:

  1. Wake up at the same time every morning (go to bed the same time) check phone (if you must) but then put it down, don’t linger in bed scrolling. Get up. Get up before the house wakes, and have a few minutes of quiet time, make a hot drink and sit in a quiet space. Breathe (follow a 10 minute meditation or wim hoff guided breathing routine) write a few words in your journal.
  2. Exercise, even if its just 20 minute quality over quantity. If you can’t get out of the house, do a quick online routine of fitness, yoga or pilates there is loads of frees stuff out there. Or cheap group classes that are short, efficient and motivating.
  3. Sea swim, or cold shower. Cold water activates the body’s natural abilities and helps relieve illness, promoting better overall health and well-being.

Try this daily routine for one week, and see what you feel after it. Please feel free to comment back how it went for you.