Online Pilates

Alannah Dawson Sligo Pilates is online via zoom. I am a fully trained and qualified Pilates, health, wellness and fitness trainer, based in Sligo.

Pilates is a body-mind exercise developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates. It is a low impact exercise comprising controlled movements that enhance your balance, improves posture, mobility, core strength, flexibility, and even your mood! Pilates focusses on small, deep muscle groups that support your structure, posture, and overall health. A great way to feel good in the body and the mind.

I have been teaching pilates and fitness for over 10 years, with in depth knowledge of a movement system that supports both body and mind. Pilates is an overall, functional movement suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Pilates movement supports the body as an overall workout, creating good posture, joint mobility, muscle tone, weight loss, core strength and better lung capacity. Pilates is a complimentary fitness to other cardio workouts like running, team sports, strength training and the like.

I offer an enjoyable short 30min session via zoom, twice a week. This session can be done in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. It’s very affordable and there are numerous benefits to this type of exercise, for the body and the mind. In my work as a fully trained Pilates trainer and a Psychotherapist, I have found by combining emotional and physical health you get an overall benefit to feeling good both inside and out.

I have been attending Alannah’s Pilates fitness classes for over 2 years now and they are amazing. Each class is different and Alannah is fantastic at focussing on different parts of the body with gentle but deadly stretches and moves that build strength. I cannot recommend her classes enough.

Marie, Sligo

We have enjoyed doing classes with Alannah for over a year now. The Pilates classes are online and invigorating and great fun. Its a fantastic way to start your day. We would highly recommend anyone to give the classes a go.

Elaine, Dublin



∇ PILATES – 07:30am Tuesdays, via zoom. 30 minutes. 7 euros.

∇ HIIT – 08:00am Saturdays, via zoom. 30 mins. 7 euros.

∇ PILATES – Private one-2-one via zoom. Tailored to your individual needs. 30 mins. 40 euros.

∇ CORPORATE – Pilates with your work colleagues on zoom from home. 30 mins.