So, its officially 2020, and there is always such a huge expectation to have new year plans, goals, aspirations.

Every year when I get to New Years Eve, I feel that push. And every year I say I wont resist it, but instead I will go with that flow of high expectation, energy and excitement.

There’s always a part in me in stillness on New Years Eve and into the new year. New Years Day is my birthday and every year I get one year older….surprise surprise.


This year we start our new year in a new County. The West of Ireland where its rugged, rough, cold, and unpredictable. I like that, I like my cold winter runs up the sides of the mountains, with my two dogs, my two mates. Who spur me on as they sniff and rummage through undergrowth, in search of wild animal smells. We are lucky to live here, blessed in fact. My heart aches for a land I love dearly yet is currently on fire. The beautiful country where I spent 10 years of my life living, working, and meeting awesome people! My heart aches for the wildlife, for those who know me, know my love for animals…

I am grateful we have what we have here. Our wildlife is safe and our life is humble. Simple. Picturesque and Plentiful. We get to breath air that is cool, swim in seas that are clean, we get to do this, all this, and we love it! 2020 is a big year for my son and I, and there are some new chapters opening up, setting up a new business, a new home, and new beginnings, but we get to live this life, breath this air, walk this land, and be free, and every day we say a thank you…..