Workshops and Cleanse




Are you feeling lethargic, tired, irritable, low energy, bloated? is your skin dry, are you moody and short tempered? Would you like to have great energy, bright skin, and feel good? Perhaps there are foods that are not agreeing with you? Perhaps you have allergies, perhaps your body needs to flush out some toxins that are lying dormant, and re-energise?

Smoothies and Juices

Cleanse in 7 days, Ci7 was designed by my sister Emily Dawson of Emily has worked in health and nutrition for over 20 years, its an affordable easy to do enjoyable, supported cleanse. Between Emily and I we have over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

Emily lives and teaches a  clean healthy lifestyle, fully qualified  in Yoga, Personal Training, Meditation, Life Coaching and Lifestyle Skills, living a life on purpose! Ci7 has been a program she has designed for over 10 years, always tweaking it to suit people who live busy lives.

It is fully supported week of healthy eating, new ways to look at how foods effect you on a daily basis, a gentle detox, you never go hungry. You will learn about different food choices, how they effect you, your mood your stress levels and your digestive issues, you will lose those cravings you might have, even those addictions….like Coffee!! you’ll learn to rest the body, rest your mind, and feel invigorated in the process. You never go hungry.

FitBod Wellness Workshop, is a morning of feel good health and fitness, Pilates, Smoothie and Juice making, tasting and take home recipes and Mindfulness, talks on health, stress, fitness goals, relaxation and much more. These workshops are run quarterly.