When I was very depressed, someone recommended me the counselling sessions and that was how I met Alannah. Her warm and understanding personality helped me realise what I needed to heal within myself. Sometimes we are unable to see certain facts or deny them and the assistance of a counsellor may open us to let go suppressed emotions. If you are looking for trust and open talk, then definitely meet Alannah.

M.C. Dublin

I have been training with Fitbod and Alannah for over a year now and would highly recommend her.  Alannah has a wonderful outlook and is extremely good at assessing what level of fitness you are out and how best to improve either your fitness, flexibility or both.  From trx, skipping rope, kettlebells or simply an uphill run, the options to train on the beach, at home, or wherever suits has been great.  Her knowledge of health, nutrition and a background in pilates has also been great and has resulted in better fitness and a healthier body.  Highly recommended and always lots of laughter.

Caroline, Dublin

I have trained with Alannah off and on for over 7 years. Alannah has been so supportive of my efforts to play hockey despite my many injuries. She will always research and work around the injuries I may be carrying and find a way to make sure I get a challenging & thorough work out every session. Over the years she has built in new techniques and disciplines to help build on the work we are doing. Every session is prepared and planned meticulously and no two are ver the same. I love working with Alannah and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Joanne, (Ireland hockey player), Dublin

I highly recommend the fitbod class. My flexibility and long term back pain has improved greatly. Alannah is one of the most inspirational and motivational people you will ever meet. The classes are friendly, fun,and work wonders for mind and body!  

Julianne, Dublin

I can really recommend Alannah’s Pilates classes. They are attended by men and women of all ages. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but we are kept working right the way through. We can see improvements in ourselves at the end of each session as a result of Alannah’s calm, methodical approach. She really knows what she’s about but carries her knowledge lightly and motivates us gently all through the hour.

Eitne, Co Dublin

I have worked with Alannah for a number of years and having practiced Pilates for more than 10 years she is by far the best instructor I have come across.I love that each class is different and yet she still manages to give you a full body workout every time.I also love the way she adjusts her classes so everyone is challenged no matter what your level. Cannot recommend her enough as a Pilates teacher.

Deborah, Meath