Personal Training

Having a personal trainer will help you to work towards your fitness goals, at FitBod my aim is to train all my clients in accordance with what they want to get out of their exercise regimes.  It is a 1 hour personal fitness session, I guide you and help you to achieve the fitness goals you want. Its my job to facilitate you in becoming all you can be.

Fitness is about being healthy, both mentally and physically, the body was built to move…….if we do not move our bodies we become lethargic, inactive, fatigued, irritated and sometimes stress can raise its ugly head. Health and fitness is much more than being body beautiful it is about living a healthy life, loving the body you have, a life that allows you to move, as we age it is important to stay active, to be able to run around outside with our children and grand children, age is no excuse to slow down, if you are moving correctly in accordance with what your body will allow then you can stay fit forever.

Fitness is about clearing the mind, toning the body, multi directional movement, cardio, muscular strength and self worth, it can be done either in the privacy of your own home or outdoors. To discuss Personal Training prices please contact me on M 087 3240595 or email me