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Pilates, is a movement more than just an exercise regime. It teaches you how to stretch, breathe and move. It can lower anxiety and stress levels, cortisone and adrenaline levels in the body. It can help with sleep irregularity, stiffness and muscle tightness.

During this pandemic, stress is high, anxiety, depression and fear are driving many of our day to day activities. What about for just half an hour in your day you could stop, stretch, breathe, and feel less anxious inside? If this is of interest to you, perhaps try Pilates. It’s online (in the privacy of your own home), very affordable and anyone can do it, anywhere.

Classes Online  2021

∇ Group 07:30am Pilates. Tuesday mornings via zoom. 30 minutes. 5 euros pp.

∇ Group 08:00am HIIT. Saturday mornings via zoom. 30 minutes Cardio and body conditioning. 5 euros.

∇ Private one-2-one via zoom. Tailored to your individual needs.

∇ Private Family Pilates – get the whole family on board 20 euros per family, half hour sessions in the home via zoom

∇ Corporate Pilates – Group Pilates with your work colleagues on zoom from home before, during or after work, unlimited number of people

Payment can be made online via bank transfer, PayPal or Revolut


M 087 3240595 

@alannahdawsonpilates IG