Wellness after Loss

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What is Féileacáin? It is a not for profit organisation that provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during or after pregnancy. Visit Féileacáin website.


“ I am going to take all this grief that surrounds me and make it beautiful”

https://www.facebook.com/groups/140433019890036/ Wellness after Loss Facebook Page.

After loss and grief there comes hope, I lost both parents at a young age and a baby last year, this has moved me into working with people who have experienced loss in their lives. I am studying counselling and psychotherapy and my main area of interest in research is loss and grief. I hope to offer my experience to those who need it most.  Grief is a personal journey – I invite clients to work with me either face to face or online.

Pilates for Loss Parents is a journey…

I am a qualified Pre and Post-Natal Personal Trainer, Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Trainer. Grief and Loss Pilates is for mums at any stage after giving birth, and at any fitness level, it offers a safe, warm, comfortable place to go and move, stretch, breathe and grieve. A place where loss mums will be with other loss mums. Movement after any birth is important for our emotional and physical wellbeing yet, for loss mums, what I have found most they do not want to go to a class, a gym or a hall and have to explain their “baby bump”. Its uncomfortable, intimidating and most of all … hard. Dads are also very welcome to attend my classes, as the journey of grief and loss is often for both parents.

Walk & Talk and Virtual: Not everyone feels comfortable talking in an office on a chair, yet bereaved parents want to talk, they want to remember their birth, their baby, the details of their own experience. What I have developed is a concept that gives both body and mind a safe place to go. Walk and Talk gets us outside, and allows our bodies to move, to be in the fresh open air, and to talk at the same time. The body moves, the blood ceases to pool and starts to move around the body, joints are mobilised and oxygen is distributed to the brain and the muscles in the body. Virtual Support offers support in Health and Wellness online, offering support, attention, motivation and guidance after baby loss.

Fundraising: Fundraising for Féileacáin: My way of a small thank you to Féileacáin was a fundraiser. In December 2016, I organised a Pilates Class,in memory of Sally, of which all proceeds went to Féileacáin. In the end, I raised €2500. Féileacáin gets no financial support from the government so any monies raised is through kind donations from you the public. I was given a cuddle cot while in hospital a beautiful memory box and they offered me amazing support after I had Sally, I was offered counselling and the opportunity to attend their monthly group meetings. Feileacain gives bereaved parents a space to grieve, talk, cry, listen or just be, giving parents the time to remember little ones that did not stay……..