Wellness after Loss


Wellness after Baby loss

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain’

Every one will experience grief, loss and anxiety at some point in life, it’s a real part of life. Through my own grief I found ways to cope, small every day things that helped me through those dark days, through movement, breath work, meditation and mindfulness and you can too, allow yourself to grieve, be present with your pain, allow your sorrow to sit. Also, allow yourself to smile, move your body, and maybe learn to meditate. Start to see the sunrise again, learn to laugh…again,  maybe one day dance in the rain… again.

Baby loss is real, and it happens, sadly nobody thinks it will happen to them, but from working with hundreds of women since my own loss, I have realised that losing a baby happens more than I ever realised.

After my own loss, I decided to create a safe place for bereaved parents to go to, a free/private group on Facebook, that allows parents to be themselves, talk about their grief, share their stories, and perhaps go away just a small bit of advice, support, and help in ways to better their mental and physical health after their own journey of loss.


Wellness for a loss Parent is a journey…

Movement after a birth is important for emotional and physical well being. For bereaved mums, what I have found most is they do not want to go to a class, a gym or a hall and have to explain their post natal “baby bump”. Its uncomfortable, intimidating and most of all … hard.

Walk & Talk and Virtual: Not everyone feels comfortable talking in an office on a chair, yet bereaved parents sometimes need to talk,  remembering their birth, their baby, the details of their own experience. What I have developed is a concept that gives both body and mind a safe place to go. Walk and Talk gets us outside, and allows our bodies to move, to be in the fresh open air, and to talk at the same time. The body moves, the blood ceases to pool and starts to move around the body, joints are mobilised and oxygen is distributed to the brain and the muscles in the body. Virtual Support offers support in Health and Wellness online, offering support, attention, motivation and guidance after baby loss.

What is Féileacáin? It is a not for profit organisation that provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during or after pregnancy. Visit Féileacáin website.


“ I am going to take all this grief that surrounds me and make it beautiful”