FitBod specialises in Pilates and Personal Training in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, or in a group class, supplying all the equipment required for a great session.

FitBod Outdoor Fitness and Pilates are a unique and powerful concept in exercise and fitness and have been around for a long time. On average people spend around 90% of their time indoors—despite the mounting research showing the profound effect that the outdoors has on people.

Bodies were built to move, people want and need to be active, the outdoors offers our body fresh air and light, these things are truly beneficial to a good workout. Pilates offers our bodies correct posture, core strength, flexibility and so much more.

FitBod provides quality Personal Training Options and Pilates,  providing better health, fitness, motivation and mobility, flexibility and well-being.

FitBod programs honor the interconnection of our body, mind, emotions and the environment—to bring balance into our lives, FitBody, FitMind.