FitBod specialises in Health and Wellness, offering Counselling, Pilates, Personal Training, Meditation, Health and Wellness Coaching. Its an allover approach to health and healing in the body and mind.

FitBod focusses on the persons needs, enabling them to use tools to support in every day living that incorporate nature, movement, breathing, including talk therapy. On average people spend around 90% of their time indoors, in artificial light, and research is proving the effect screens are having on our health. Research shows the profound positive effect that the outdoors, movement, breathing, and eating right has on the body.

Bodies were built to move, we need to be active, both for our bodies and our minds.

FitBod provides quality Personal Training Options, Private Counselling Options, Mental Wellness and Pilates,  providing better emotional health, physical health, fitness, motivation and mobility, flexibility and well-being.

FitBod programs honour the interconnection of our body, mind, emotions and the environment—to bring balance into our lives, FitBody, FitMind.